Brave 70/55


BRAVE raises NED to its highest level, in order to bring energy everywhere without sacrificing acoustic comfort.

The BRAVE series by NED is a dream come true: high power generators (from 400 up to 2000 kva) with a very low sound emission (55 dB at 7 meters).

Thanks to this feature, these power stations can operate in full urban context without any noise pollution, providing energy to events, building, hospitals, public offices, shopping centres, rental, military and civil protection operations, and many others.

The dimensions of Brave generator sets always comply with ISO standards for easy transport.


  • Installation: outdoor installation, with a soundproof canopy for outdoor use;
  • Materials and Soundproofing: galvanized steel;
  • Production process: entirely manufactured in-house;
  • High-resistance epoxy powder coating;
  • Canopy assembly by galvanized steel bolts;
  • Soundproofing assembly by galvanized steel rivets;
  • Noise emissions: up to 55±3dB(A) at 7 m (sound pressure level) on all sides;
  • Lifting system: forklift truck attachments;
  • Exhaust system: residential muffler inside the soundproofing;
  • Operating mode: manual or emergency with automatic start/stop;
  • Fuel: diesel fuel for transport;
  • Tank: incorporated into the base, suitably designed to ensure 8 hours of continuous service at 75% loading;
  • Control panel: located inside the soundproofing, easily accessible from the outside by automatic protection switch, 4-pole differential and electronic relays, close to the alternator.

The soundproof canopy is entirely designed and manufactured in-house. It is made of cold galvanized steel, then laser cut and press-bent, and consists of a self-supporting structure with ISO standard dimensions, assembled through galvanized bolts or rivets without any welding.
Alternator and engine are placed inside the canopy by means of anti-vibration supports. It has self-supporting, sound-absorbing modular panels which are made of sound insulating, non-combustible, class 0 or class A1, A1FL, A1L fire resistant mineral fibre, which is 150 mm thick. The soundproofing material is retained by pre-drilled galvanized sheets, covered with a mineral fibre film coating layer against dust, oil and diesel vapours.
The external galvanized sheets are painted with high-resistance epoxy powder, which prevents corrosion by atmospheric agents. The soundproofing is equipped with opening doors on both sides for easier access to each part of the machine, and a door for the electrical panel, equipped with unalterable rubber seals. The hinges and fixing systems are made of galvanized steel and the locking system is ensured by recessed stainless steel handles, fixed on two points, equipped with a key lock.
The soundproofing is easily transportable and positionable, as well as high resistant to atmospheric agents. Our silent residential muffler is incorporated in the soundproofing. It is assembled with residual noise reduction filters up to 55±5dB(A) at 7 mt, and equipped with galvanized steel sheet orientation ejectors for outdoor use, as well as inlets and air emissions vents.

Industrial diesel engine by leading brands (Perkins, Cummins, MTU or equivalent) with suitable displacement and power (as shown on the supporting documentation of the engine), direct injection.

The engine is equipped with the following accessories:

  • Electric starting system with motor and battery charger alternator, with suitable batteries for at least 6 starts with preheated engine;
  • Water cooling system with closed circuit radiator;
  • Alarms and engine stop system;
  • Original manual or electronic speed governor;
  • Oil extractor pump from the sump;
  • Engine stop system with solenoid valve for fuel interception;
  • Heater for engine pre-heating water , with liquid circulation pump when the engine is stopped (optional);
  • Emergency stop button outside the canopy, with push and turn to reset and mechanical release device;
  • Low oil pressure and high water temperature protections.

It consists of n. 1 muffler for residential exhaust gas [up to 35/38 db(A)], located inside the canopy with a special anti-rain closing system. The muffler, of our own making, is incorporated into the soundproofing. The pipes are protected by class A1,A1FL; A1L fire resistant insulating materials. The exhaust system shall be connected by a flexible steel flange.

Three-phase synchronous alternator by leading brands (Marelli Motori, Mecc Alte, Stamford), self-ventilated, self-excited with brushless rotating diode exciter and electronic voltage regulator.

  • Class H insulation;
  • Mechanical protection IP21;
  • Tropicalisation treatment on windings (optional).

The fuel tank, incorporated into the base, is suitably designed to ensure 8 hours of continuous service at 75% loading, and it is equipped with fuel tank level gauge. The liquid containment basin is in compliance with Ministerial Decree 22/10/2007.

Automatic electric panel installed inside the generator, equipped with management, control and command equipment.


  • Made of machined aluminium sheet metal. Protection degree IP40. Insulation voltage 500V, in compliance with current standards.
  • It is suitable to carry out all the operations required to ensure the proper functioning of the system, through management, command and control of the operating sequences and the inspection of functional conditions. It is possible to select the operation mode by button (Stop – Manual start – Automatic – Test).
  • The monitoring of the generator shall be ensured by a vast series of protections and controls, as messages on the display, optical signals and an integrated acoustic signal.
  • Available connection via RS485 interface and management via communication software, remotely by PC (optional).

The panel shall include the following auxiliary devices, in order to keep the generator in the best condition:

  • Automatic and adjustable electronic battery charger (optional);
  • Engine preheating with single-phase power supply and protection fuses (optional);
  • Glowplugs preheating system, if available (optional);
  • Regular automatic tests, programmable in terms of period and duration.

Characteristics of the control devices:

  • Programming device for Stop – Manual start- Automatic – Test mode;
  • Switching command device (running in manual mode) Grid or generator locking;
  • Engine starting device;
  • Engine stopping device;
  • Fault reset / siren silence switch;
  • SET device for software programming;
  • Programming device and generator display view;
  • Programming device and grid/generator display view.



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