Modular and easily transportable

NED Srl designs and constructs a wide range of shelters for electro-instrumental use, for control rooms, for energy storage systems, for MT cabins and especially for the photovoltaic sector.

Our cabins are ready to use, so they do not need any further mounting actions on the field.

That gives guaranties in terms of availability and products quality: the cabin will be delivered complete with all equipment already built in and with all its cables connected inside.

Every shelter is equipped with a strong structure and it is conceived to resist all atmospheric agents.
We can personalize all models and change the model type and characteristics, thanks to its modularity.

Our shelter can be mounted in such a way to create a kit more or less long, according to the type and the dimensions of the solar park.

Our product idea is to create a completely modular transformer cabin, removable to facilitate all possible interventions, and easily transportable. Our structure has one particular advantage in case of damages, in fact every broken piece can be changed easily by only disassembling the interested piece.

The modularity and flexibility of the shelter allows us to adapt our product to any characteristic indicated by the client to satisfy all his needs, without lengthening of delivery times and without increased costs.



Special solutions

Innovative solutions to take the energy you need everywhere, integrating conventional and innovative technologies.
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