NED super-silent gensets at Bauma 2022: Introducing our energy to the world

Super-silent gensets at Bauma 2022

Ned Generators will attend Bauma 2022 in Munich from 24th to 30th October, together with its distributor Lehmann Notstromaggregate Service.

Bauma 2022 Lehmann and NED Generators with Italian design generators

Piero Giancano (CEO) and Sara Durante (Export Manager) will welcome visitors at the

Outdoor Area North 929/4′ | Freigelände Nord 929/4.


NED generator sets stand out for:

 |Italian design |

| Modern technology |

| High-quality materials |

The whole range of NED super-silent generators will be presented at the exhibition.


HUSH 55 | The best super-silent generator

HUSH is the top of the range of NED generators, ensuring high performance with minimum noise emissions: 55db(A).

Rivets and screws instead of welding guarantee maximum durability over time and easy maintenance.

Super-silent gensets at Bauma 2022!

TWIN 55 | Two silent generators, one canopy

TWIN is the best solution for events, festivals, concerts and all applications where power failure is not allowed.

It encloses two power generators within a soundproofed canopy, made of cold galvanized steel.

BRAVE 55 | Super-silent high-power generator

The BRAVE series, from 400 to 2000 kVA, is super-silent and easy to transport.

NED takes care of the entire production process in-house, to provide the most innovative solutions in the field of energy production.

Its team of qualified engineers and operators designs and builds customized generator according to the customer’s needs: from the canopy to the electrical panel.

Super-silent gensets at Bauma 2022!

Come and visit NED at BAUMA 2022

Outdoor Area North 929/4 | Freigelände Nord 929/4

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